Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Style of Decorating do you all like as well as your family?

What Style of Decorating Do you all like as well as your family like? I know that My Family and I like the HomeMade/County Lived In Comfortable to our Family look and Inviting. We live in a Small Home and We live on a Very Tight Income at this time. We still have our Home to Pay Off fully off and then we will be Totally Debt Free. So I am trying to work around our Budget to decorate with mostly things we already have or have the time and a little bit of Spending Money to buy the things we need as well as sometimes the things we want. We also love to Collect Antiques. We were given a Nice Rug to put in our Living Room that My Sister had bought but she could no longer use it so she gave it to us. Now our Living Room is starting to look more Like my Family and I want it to. I also on occassion will go to Dollar General one of My Favorite Stores and Buy Silk Flowers to use around our Home to Give it more of the Look My Family and I enjoy. Does anyone want to share what there Decorating Style as well as there Family's style of Decorating maybe or even any tips, advice, or Suggestions?


Donna said...

It sounds like we have the same style because I agree with everything you said! ;-)

Mrs. Brigham said...

Our decorating style is very similar you yours and for the same reasons. A lot of our decor has been generously given to us by friends and family and the rest has been found on freecyle, in thrift & antique stores, garage sales, and dollar and closeout stores. It's amazing what beauty you can create with things you already have or just a few dollars.



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