Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you truly Thankful this Thanksgiving Holiday

What I am truly Thankful for is My Salvation(Jesus Christ who gave his life so that I could have life eternally).I am also truly thankful for is My Family, My Friends,The USA and the Soldiers who fight for our Freedom Daily.
There are so much that we have that we are thankful for.
This Thanksgiving Holiday Season why not take the Time to say your thanks.
I try not to limit my Thanksgiving(Thank fullness)to just one day a year.
I have what I call a Blessing Journal that I write what I am truly blessed with and thankful for.
I am thankful that in America We have a Job still (though the economy is really unsteady). We have a Roof over our Heads. We have Clothes on our Back. We have Water,Power,Food on our Tables, We have many extras. We are not Destitute. We are truly blessed here in America. So I ask you this Thanksgiving Holiday Season What are you truly Thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday Season?



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