Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daily Home Blessings Task

I have chosen to post my Daily Home Blessing Task to hold myself accountable to anyone who reads this blog as well as to myself to work in my home daily to make it more of a home for my family. A Safe Haven and Warm Loving Home to come in and Rest and Relax.
so this is the weekend of My Daily Home Blessings Task
Make up Beds.
Feed the Pets.
Wash Dishes.
Put up Dishes.
Wash Clothes.
Dry Clothes.
Put up the Clean Clothes.
Clean Litter Box.
Clean Bathroom.
Sweep Floors.
Take out Garbage.
Take out the Dog.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Daily Home Blessing Task

Daily Home Blessing Task
Already Done:
Washed all Dishes.
Made up the Beds.
Feed the Dog.
Took the Dog Out.
Clean the Litter Box.
Cleaned the Bathroom.
Cleaned the Kitchen.
Took out Garbage.
I still have alot of Household Blessing Task I need to complete today:
Wash Clothes.
Sweep Carpets.



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