Thursday, June 05, 2008


I have picked up these tips from a multitude of diffrent sources I think most of these tips if not all of the tips came from the Book America's Cheapest Family
A revolution founded on a frugal financial ideals isn't restrictive.
Instead, it's, the read to real freedom. Our ideals are:
To always live within our means
My Family and I are striving to live below our means.
To avoid debt with a smile
My Family and I are striving to avoid all debt with a smile and at all cost
To never pay retail if all possible
To always wait till the product you need is on sale
To plan or save in advance of all purchases.
Use Money Wisely
To realize that there is always someone who wants to get rid; of the very thing that we need.
-find the person and will find a deal.
Most Important *Pray,Seek,Ask God. God shall always supplies all our(your)needs.

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