Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you and your family Celebrate Christmas

How do you and your family Celebrate Christmas?
My Family and I celebrate Christmas with Family and Friends.
But more importantly we Celebrate Jesus who came to this world born in a Stable to save us from our Sins.
We do not buy gifts for our Children and tell them it is from Santa.
We read the Story of Jesus' Birth from the Book of Luke Chpt. 2 in the Bible.
We pray and then we open up gifts from each other.
This year I would like to also add Happy Birthday Jesus Party to our List of ways we Celebrate Christmas.
So How Do You All Celebrate Christmas with you and your family?


Candy-Faith said...

Theres just the 3 of us (Rob, Roc and myself) and on Christmas morning our son, Roc, usually wakes up bright and early. (He's 10years old). And he goes and gets all his gifts and brings them on our bed. The last few years around 5 am LOL and he wakes us up by excitedly opening his gifts. We awake and watch him :) Then I get up and cook breakfast. After breakfast we have what we call "family prayer and devotion time" which we always do anyway but on Christmas morning after breakfast, I then make coffee for us and hot chocolate for Roc and then my husband reads from Luke, the story of Jesus, and then we have a word of prayer.
Then later in the late afternoon we drive over to my husbands parents for Turkey supper and exchange gifts with them.

Hard to believe that Christmas is only days away! This year flew by so quickly for me.

Merry Christmas!!!!
Candy :)

Juli said...

Merry Chrismas !

very pretty senior picture :)



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