Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daily Home Blessings

Daily Home Blessings-Task
Fold and Put up the Clean Clothes.
Made up the Bed.
Washed and Dried the Dishes.
Cleaned the Litter Box.
Now I need to :
Wash Dirty Clothes(Mt.Wash More)
Dry Clean Clothes.
Fold and Put up clean clothes.
Put up the Clean Dishes.
Make Supper.
Write out a Menu Plan.
Make a Grocery List.
Go Grocery Shopping.
Sweep Carpets.
Take out Garbage.


Miss. Mavee said...

Your day sounds very busy - I hope you were able to catch up on Mt. Wash More - I'm still working on the mini mountains here!


A Gracious Home said...

I pray daily for God to bless my home and family and to give me the strength to clean my home. It takes a lot of praying for me to get my home clean. God bless you, Doylene



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