Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Christian Homemaking: Not Much Changes here in our Home. We are Homeschooling again. We are still working hard on getting out of Debt. We are still working on keeping our home clean and clutter free. We still take care of our Pets. We are still trying to cut our budget down and still have some extra's like Healthier Food and Not Processed Foods. We are couponing more to save our Family even more money. We do not live like Extreme Couponers ! We are just simply trying to save our Family Money by using Coupons on the items that our Family uses only. There are not many coupons for Gluten Free Foods and Gluten Free Items. I do however still try to use coupons when I can on Meats and Dairy and Vegetables and Fruit. However most of the Coupons we use are on our Household Goods, Pet Goods, and Health and Beauty Goods.

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