Monday, June 11, 2007

How Do you all Plan a Week's Worth of Menu's

How Do You All Plan a Weeks Worth of Menu's? Do you all shop only what is listed in the Grocery Store Sales Adds and make your Menu from that or do you Make your Menu from Foods you and your family like and Stock up when those items are on sale or Do you Just Plan a Menu with Both Ideas in Mind?


Tiany said...

I would have to say I plan with both ideas in mind :-) I just posted about our menu planning on Monday!

Love your blog!!! Have a blessed week!

Anonymous said...

Rather than figuring out something different for each night of the week, I make 3 major meals per week, offering leftovers for 3 alternating suppers. The 7th supper we either 'pick' from the cupboard & fridge dredges or treat ourselves out to a simple meal. I cook for a professional couple 2 suppers per week...I used to be a caterer.

Mama Russell said...

I rarely plan with what is on sale, though I probably should do that. I like to have a theme for each night (Wednesdays are breakfast for dinner nights, Mondays are usually Mexican, Tuesday chicken, etc.). I also plan to have one new recipe tried every week or every other week. Builds up my repertoire, so to speak. :-)

shawn said...

Hello! I have just come across your blog through Eyes of Wonder. (Isn't she just lovely?) I love this meal planning question, so thought I'd give a comment! I am enjoying looking through your posts. :)
In our family, myself and one daughter are vegetarians, and my husband and two other children are not. As you can imagine this complicates things! Also, I work one evening a week. So this week, on the night that I was going to work, I prepared a whole chicken (bought on sale, and kept frozen)into pieces with BBQ sauce for my husband to grill that night. A meat based meal to make him happy! The next night, I made two pizzas, a BBQ chicken pizza with the planned leftover chicken, and one that substituted mushrooms for the chicken. Tonight, we had fajitas. The remaining chicken went into one portion for the meat eaters, and the others were made with all veggies. So that's what I like to do, make sure to use things up without waste, change the flavors each night, and suit two different styles of eating. It is a fun challenge to come up with new ideas like this. What do you do?

Marci said...

I actually make a monthly menu. Now mind you, many nights it is just an idea and I go with something else. However, it helps me to have something to fall back on.

We raise most all of our own meats, and I buy in bulk and keep a stocked pantry. Then, I just have to pick up little stuff that I need... like cans of mushrooms, etc. Even that kind of stuff I like to stock up on. I have one big co-op order every 4 weeks. Then I go to the store probably twice a month. By they way, we also have a cow, so a lot of our dairy is here as well.



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